FruitSmart: Solutions. Naturally.

Nestled in the heart of the lush Yakima Valley, Washington, FruitSmart has long been a premium source of high-quality fruit and vegetable-based juices and ingredients. We are experts in taking what we have now and turning it into something even better tomorrow. Ideas become powerful when we’re willing to do the difficult work of developing a workable plan to turn them into reality.

With roots in the food processing industry that go back to 1982, FruitSmart has decades of experience. FruitSmart began because someone else said, “No,” but our founders said, “Yes!” That same drive to find solutions still lives and breathes inside of every member of our team. We go above and beyond; we find new ways to make things work … all to get to “yes.”

Today, we have a 128,000 sq. ft., 13-acre Grandview fruit and vegetable processing plant and a 335,000 sq ft., 19-acre Prosser campus that includes dry ingredient processing, freezer facility, and corporate offices. FruitSmart has more than enough capacity to serve our partners by offering a wide variety of juices, purees, concentrates, essences, fibers, seeds, seed oils, and seed powders. But we don’t just want you to purchase our products, we want you to value our partnership. That is why everyone that’s a part of the FruitSmart team is laser-focused on delivering exactly what our partners need.

We know that there are a lot of options for finding the ingredients you need. And if all you want is a product list, we can provide that. But what if you need more than a product list or a price quote? There’s a huge gap of unanswered questions between an initial idea and a finished product. Where do you go when you want to innovate or create something new? What if you want to find a solution to a specific problem no one else is interested in solving? You may start to feel alone, with no hope of closing the gap and moving forward getting your product on the shelf. FruitSmart will help you close the gap.

At FruitSmart, we love unanswered questions. They don’t bother or inconvenience us. We want to get to know your business, to understand your ideas and goals so we can develop solutions together. To this day, we get excited about the possibility of creating answers to the questions other ingredient suppliers aren’t equipped to address.

We want to have a conversation. We want to listen. We want to understand. Then we’ll go above and beyond to deliver exactly what you need. We’ve found that when we partner to develop solutions instead of simply providing ingredients, the gap of unanswered questions becomes filled with unlimited possibilities.

FruitSmart is much more than an ingredient supplier or product-list provider. We’re a one-stop-shop, solution-driven partner that’s focused on turning your ideas into reality.
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