Featured Processes

Cold Pressed Juice

Cold Pressed NFC Juices

Our state-of-the-art processing facility includes the latest in cold pressed processing equipment and technique to produce the highest quality Not From Concentrate juice available.
Fruit Essences

Juice Concentrates and Essences

FruitSmart’s concentrates are produced using a three-stage state of the art evaporative process while essences are collected as a vapor and condensed into a clear water-soluble liquid during the juice evaporation process.
Drying and Milling Process

Drying and Milling

The drying process is a balance of time, temperature, humidity, air flow, and bed depth through a continuous conveyor tunnel dryer and can produce whole dry pieces and pomace leftover from juicing.
Smart Blends

Formulation & Blending

SmartBlends are one of our proprietary blends of juice concentrates with added natural flavors to match the color and flavor profile of a specific fruit or vegetable at a reduced price point.


We want to get to know your business, to understand your ideas and goals so we can develop solutions together. Here are just some of the applications our team has developed.

Food and Safety Associations

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