Brix: The measurement of dissolved solids in a liquid. For juices, concentrates, and purees Brix measures the sugar content.

Clean Label: Products that are designed to have fewer, simpler ingredients, helping the consumer understand ingredient statements easier.

Concentrate: Used to describe fruit and vegetable juices and purees that have undergone an evaporation process, removing the water, and concentrating the sugars.

Density: The relationship between the mass (weight) and the volume of a substance.

Dry/Dehydrate: Removal of moisture from fruits and vegetables to create a low moisture, low water activity product that is stable and sold in various particle sizes.

Essence: A water soluble, clear liquid that contains the main flavor components and aromas of the named fruit. 

Fold: How the strength of essence is measured. A typical essence is 150-fold, this means that 150 gallons of juice will create 1 gallon 150 essence. 

Insoluble Solids: Solids that are not soluble in water. 

NFC or Not from Concentrate: A form of juice or puree that has not undergone the evaporation process to remove the water implying minimal processing.

SmartBlend: Custom, specialized blends designed to maximize benefit and often reduce cost in applications. Made with other natural flavors and products to replicate a specific fruit profile at a more economical price point.

Upcycle: The process of transforming by-products and potential waste material into new materials or value-added products.

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