Formulation and Blending

FruitSmart’s packaging, blending, and formulation department can offer a wide variety of standard and custom solutions to fill your needs. SmartBlends are one of our proprietary blends of juice concentrates with added natural flavors to match the color and flavor profile of a specific fruit or vegetable at a reduced price point. We also offer several custom blending options to meet your current formula, which can consist of multiple input products, whether single strength juice, juice concentrates, flavors, dry ingredients, or other components. FruitSmart also specializes in black box blend solutions by producing your proprietary blend, or a portion of the blend, which can be sent to your third party bottling or packaging company for final mixing to ensure confidentiality of the exact formula. Likewise, with our on-staff product development team, and state of the art blending and packaging equipment, we can assist in formulating your new product or help to develop and produce your ideas. 

fruit juice twirl

Advantages and Applications

  • SmartBlends: A price stable and economical alternative to individual fruit or vegetable juices. 
  • Packaging Solutions: Finished product packaged in standard size pails, drums, or totes, as well custom options. Also available in bulk. 
  • Custom Blending: We can match your current formulation or help develop your formulated product using both dry and liquid ingredients. 
  • State of the Art Filling Equipment: Utilizing sub-surface, and fill-to-weight automated filling. 
  • Finished Product Options: Blends, NFC, concentrate juices, purees, and dry ingredients.
  • Black Box Blends: Production and processing of blend components to maintain your formulation and product confidentiality. 
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