At FruitSmart, we put quality and food safety first to offer our customers the best possible ingredients. Quality and food safety is our top priority, company-wide, not just within the quality department. We are committed to creating and maintaining a positive food safety and quality culture from the president of the company to our employees on the production floor. Our dedicated quality team maintains the highest standards and best practices in the industry. This allows us to deliver a safe, quality product to our customers every time. FruitSmart is constantly improving processes and procedures to ensure that we stay ahead of all regulatory changes and emerging technology. We have earned top BRC audit scores several years running at both FruitSmart locations.

Our main laboratory is in Grandview, Washington, serving both of our locations. We can perform most testing in-house, which allows us to be able to release product quickly. FruitSmart can measure all physical attributes of our products including, but not limited to:

  • Brix
  • acid
  • color
  • turbidity
  • pectin
  • starch
  • pH
  • moisture
  • water activity
  • patulin

Our microbiology laboratory, also located in Grandview, can perform the following tests:

  • total plate count
  • yeast
  • mold
  • coliforms
  • E. coli
  • Alicyclobacillus (PCR technology)

At FruitSmart, we understand that every application can have unique requirements, therefore, we maintain partnerships with several accredited third-party laboratories that are able to offer different methods than are performed in-house such as specific pathogen testing, heavy metals, and pesticide testing.

Our Research and Development Laboratory is based in Prosser, Washington. Here FruitSmart offers a variety of services for your R&D needs. These include custom beverage blends and custom dried products; they can range from non-alcoholic juices and ciders to alcoholic beverages such as hard ciders and seltzers to mixers for cocktails and unique snack items. We want to offer you innovative solutions by developing applications that highlight the ingredients that FruitSmart provides. 

View our certifications and quality statements in our resources section.

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