Apple Carrot Cake Cookie

Apple Carrot Cake Cookie

Soft and doughy oat cookies made with shredded carrots and apple pieces flavored to perfection with Universal Ingredients vanilla extract and our new Oat Extract.


FruitSmart NEW Oat Extract
Silva Carrot Shreds
Universal Ingredients Vanilla Extract

Why is Oat Milk Popular?

Plant-based milks have increased significantly in recent years, but the oat milk market has seen the most growth by far. In the US alone, retail sales of oat milk have increased by more than 50% (Food Navigator Elaine Watson). There are multiple reasons as to why oat milk has gained so much fame. One of these is that now more than ever, consumers are more mindful of their health and their impact on the environment. Not only does oat milk provide these benefits, but also the taste and texture are preferred over other plant-based milk products. It is also a delicious substitute for cooking & baking to meet the needs of a plant-based diet.

Interested in our new oat extract, or apple pieces and apple powder, or other fruit and vegetable products?

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