Apple Cucumber Cinnamon Cider

Apple Cucumber Cinnamon Cider

Combine Not From Concentrate (NFC) apple juice with NFC cucumber for a refreshing, hydrating and nutritious drink that beckons the coming of autumn.


Apple Fiber:
145 grams (1/3 cup, a large 1/3 cup)
Brown Sugar:
2 grams
Ground Cinnamon:
0.5 grams

Mixing Directions

Blend all ingredients in a blender bottle and shake well. Allow beverage to rest for five minutes before consuming.

About NFC Juices

NFC cucumber juice adds a unique flavor to beverages and because of its low sugar content it is great for hydration and is full of health benefits. NFC apple juice is superior in flavor to apple juice concentrates and is customizable utilizing specific apple varietals.

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