Blue Strawberry Hard Cider

Blue Strawberry Hard Cider

A hard cider blend characterized with a pleasant blend of blueberries and strawberries. Enjoy and have a great time responsibly!


Other Ingredients

Your favorite brand of plain, hard apple cider: 12 ounces

Mixing Directions

Blend juice concentrates together until well blended. Pour a half ounce of the blend into a chilled 16oz glass, top it off with hard apple cider. Gently stir to disperse the juice concentrate blend.

The juice concentrate makes 5 servings.

About FruitSmart Juice Concentrates

Our juice concentrates not only make great beverages including juices, smoothies, carbonated drinks, etc. but they are great in dairy applications such as yogurt, cream cheese etc. Bakery fillings and fruit preparations; confectionery; and fruit snacks such as fruit leather.

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