Green Tea Latte with Oat Milk

Green Tea Latte with Oat Milk

A creamy and delicious green tea latte with floral notes, finished with oat milk for a slightly sweet and nutty flavor and a hint of spice from the ginger.


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Universal Ingredients Cold Brew Green Tea Extract

Experiential Tea

The growth of the global tea market is set to rise steadily through 2028 at a CAGR of 5.3% (WGSN). Consumers are now developing an appreciation for the nuances of tea varieties, brewing methods, and looking to the expertise of “tea professionals” for inspiration. Users continue to search for flavor-forward and experiential ready to-drink versions. Specifically interested in teas with café-style treatment that include creamy layers, carbonation, colors, and overall premium enhancers. Mindfulness plays a role in tea consumption as well. Consumers are looking closely at tea for the functional benefits of each blend and as a chance to take a moment for themselves.

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