Kansas City Dry Rub

Kansas City Dry Rub

Take your favorite meat and apply this Kansas style dry rub for a flavorful barbeque treat. Date powder is the perfect substitution for brown sugar as it adds a healthy glow not seen in brown sugar.


0.33 cup
Black Pepper:
1 Tbs
Sea Salt:
2 Tbs
Liquid Smoke:
0.25 Tsp
Chili Powder:
1.5 Tbs
Garlic Powder:
1.5 Tbs
Onion Powder:
1.5 Tbs
Cayenne Pepper:
1 Tsp

Mixing Directions

Add liquid smoke to sea salt and mix well to disperse it well. Add it to the remaining ingredients until well blended.

About Date Powder

Date powder is great in dry mix beverages such as shakes and smoothies; bakery items including breads, granola bars, and dry mixes; fruit preparations; nutrition bars. Date powder is a natural alternative to granulated or brown sugar.

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