Smoky Red Bell Pepper Pesto

Smoky Red Bell Pepper Pesto

A slight twist on pesto with the addition of smoky chardonnay grapeseed oil and red bell pepper powder.


241 grams
Tomato Paste:
29 grams
Almonds, Blanched:
17 grams
Extra Virgin Olive Oil:
12 grams
Red Bell Pepper Powder
12 grams
Parmesan Cheese:
8 grams
4 grams
Liquid Smoke:
0.7 gram
Ground Thyme:
0.5 gram
Basil Flakes:
0.4 gram
Black Pepper:
0.3 gram

Mixing Directions

Puree almonds in a small blender until smooth, add remaining ingredients and blend until well mixed. Pesto can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

About FruitSmart Ingredients

Chardonnay grapeseed oil is great for cooking as it has a high smoke point making it an all-around versatile oil. It’s great in salad dressing, sauces and great for dipping. Date powder is great in dry mix beverages such as shakes and smoothies; bakery items including breads, granola bars, and dry mixes; fruit preparations; nutrition bars; snack mixes. It is also great for replacing granulated or brown sugar in recipes. Red bell pepper powder has a pleasant, sweet bell pepper flavor and works well in most savory applications such as dry mix soups, sauces, dressings, etc.

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