Sweet & Salty Trail Mix

Sweet & Salty Trail Mix

A high protein trail mix coated with date powder to provide the “sweet” side of a sweet and salty snack. This mix is naturally sweetened using date powder; it replaces typical sweeteners such as sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup and/or confectioners glaze.


Sesame Sticks:
0.5 cup
0.5 cup
0.5 cup
Raw Sunflower Seeds:
0.25 cup
Raw Pumpkin Seeds:
0.25 cup
Raw Halved Almonds:
0.25 cup
Sea Salt, Fine
1 tsp
Creole Seasoning:
0.5 tsp

Mixing Directions

Roast the almonds and seeds for 7 to 10 minutes at 300° F. Add sesame sticks, peanuts, apple pieces and raisins. Spread to a single layer, sprinkle half of seasoning and bake a few minutes. Turn mix over after 3 minutes. Add remaining seasoning and bake few more minutes. Remove from the oven, while still warm add the date powder and blend well with mix. Spread mix onto pan (single layer) to cool completely.

About Date Powder and Apple Pieces

These dried fruits are great in dry mix beverages such as shakes and smoothies; bakery items including breads, granola bars, and dry mixes; fruit preparations; nutrition bars. Date powder is a natural alternative to granulated sugar.

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