Known as the fruit of the gods, figs originated in Asia and in the Mediterranean region. Turkey is the world’s leading producer. California produces 98% of the figs grown in the U.S. There are two dominant varieties offered, one of which is Calimyrna, which are golden in color, and the dark-purple Mission variety. High in fiber, figs aid the digestive tract by preventing common conditions such as diverticulosis. Figs are a great source of minerals such as calcium, copper, potassium, iron, and manganese, which are all important in red blood cell formation. FruitSmart dries and mills figs.

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Advantages of Dry Ingredients

Our low moisture powders, dices, and pieces are made from whole fruit and vegetables, resulting in an all-natural ingredient, and are offered in numerous sizes and shapes. Since they are dried to a maximum 3-5% moisture, with very low water activity, they are ideal for use in shelf-stable products.

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Technical Specification

Fig Powder
Fig Powder Organic
Fig Granules
Fig Granules Organic
Fig Pieces
Fig Pieces Organic
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