Originating from the Indo-Burmese region, mangoes are grown in almost every tropical and subtropical country in the world. The main growing region is Southeast Asia accounting for 77% of the global annual supply. They have been grown in the United States for over a century with limited large-scale commercial production in California, Florida, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Mangoes are sweet and juicy with a slightly perfumed flavor. High in vitamin C, fiber, and pectin, they are perfectly suited for controlling cholesterol levels. Mangoes contain several antioxidants, which may prevent cancer.

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Advantages of Concentrates and Essences

Juice concentrates are at the core of what we do. The raw material is processed into juice, filtered, and concentrated through evaporation. This gives a stable product, easy to store and to transport. Juice concentrates work extremely well in beverages, hard seltzers, cocktail mixes, kombuchas, and any nutraceutical application.

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Mango Juice Concentrate
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