Coated Whole Low Moisture Blueberries

Coated Whole Low Moisture Blueberries

With a naturally lower sugar content then infused blueberries, Whole LM Blueberries make a delicious and high nutrient rich snack.


Mixing Directions

Melt and temper your coating of choice. For white chocolate, maintain temperature from 87° to 92°. If needed, add sunflower lecithin to improve coating viscosity.

Place the whole blueberries into a candy panner* attachment for a KitchenAid mixer. Set KitchenAid mix speed to medium low. While rotating, pour ¼ cup of coating into the panner. Allow 2-4 minutes before adding the next dose of coating. Continue this process until the desired coating thickness is achieved. Turn out coated berries onto a sheet pan and place in refrigerator for 15 minutes.

About Whole Low Moisture Blueberries and Pieces

Whole Low Moisture Blueberries are great in dry mix beverages such as shakes and yogurt smoothies; bakery items including breads, granola bars, and dry mixes; fruit preparations; nutrition bars and trail mix.

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