Cranberries are one of the only major fruits native to North America. Cranberries are grown in the Pacific Northwest, not far from FruitSmart. Cranberries are a small, round, red berry that grow on a low shrub. They have small air pockets in them that allow them to float, which aids during harvesting when the bogs where they grow can be flooded and make the berries easy to collect. A superfood with many health benefits, they have high levels of polyphenols, protect against liver disease, lower blood sugar, and improve cardiovascular health. They have been shown to lower the risk of urinary tract infection and aid in gut health. Cranberries are one of the fruits that truly have little to no waste in processing. All parts of the berry are used. Cranberry products include cranberry juice, fiber, powder, seed, seed oil, and seed powder.

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Advantages of Juice Concentrates and Essences

Juice concentrates are at the core of what we do. The fruit is processed into juice, which can be filtered, or left cloudy, and concentrated through evaporation. This gives a stable product, easy to store, and to transport. Juice concentrates work extremely well in beverages, hard seltzers, cocktail mixes, kombuchas, and any nutraceutical application. Our essences are collected during the evaporation process. The clear, liquid product is sold in pails or drums. Easy to store, essences intensify flavor and offer a clean label solution to formulators.

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Cranberry Essence
Cranberry Juice Concentrate

Advantages of Juices

The fruit and vegetables for our juices are all locally sourced, and only the best raw materials are used. Available both cloudy and clarified (filtered), pasteurized or unpasteurized, our juices maintain the characteristic flavor profile of the given fruit or vegetable. Not from Concentrate (NFC) juices with their clean label and minimum process, are ideal for a variety of applications, including hard ciders, brews, wine, spirits, and natural and premium juices and beverages.

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Cranberry Juice

Advantages of Dry Ingredients

Our low moisture powders, dices, and pieces are made from whole fruit and vegetables, resulting in an all-natural ingredient, and are offered in numerous sizes and shapes. Since they are dried to a maximum 3-5% moisture, with very low water activity, they are ideal for use in shelf-stable products. Our fibers are made from fruit and vegetable pomace (skin and pulp), making them 100% upcycled, and all natural. They are rich in natural fruit anthocyanins, fibers, and other healthful fruit compounds, and are great natural additions to nutrition bars, cereals, and other baking applications.

Seeds, seed oils, and seed powders are all upcycled products that we offer. The chemical, solvent and deodorizer free process, where no additional heat is added, provides a natural and clean label product that works extremely well in nutraceuticals applications, beauty and personal care, baked goods, snacks, and beverages.

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Cranberry Fiber
Cranberry Seeds
Cranberry Seed Oil
Cranberry Seed Powder
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