Fruit & Nut Protein Milkshake Dry Mix

Fruit & Nut Protein Milkshake Dry Mix

Not only does this milkshake deliver on flavor and richness, it is naturally high in protein and contains 80% RDA for fiber … it is just what the doctor ordered! The best part is it is 100% natural with each serving containing the equivalent of: 4 raw figs, 4 raw dates, and 2 fresh apple slices.


Almond Flour:
28 grams
Pistachios, Chopped:
21 grams
Cashews, Chopped:
21 grams
Vanilla Extract:
7.5 grams
2.5 grams
2 grams
Espresso Powder:
1.75 grams

Mixing Directions

Add fig granules and date powder to a food processor, mix for 30 seconds. Add almond flour and mix until well blended. With food processor running on high, drizzle vanilla extract into blend until well dispersed. Add pistachios, cashews and apple pieces, blend until size is reduced to 1/8”. Add xanthan, espresso powder and salt, blend to disperse evenly. Divide the mix into 48g portions.

Milkshake Instructions

Add 48g dry mix packet to small blender (i.e., Magic Bullet). Add 3/4 cup to 1 cup of 1% milk to the blender. Blend for 30 to 45 seconds, allow shake to rest 3 minutes. Blend for another 30 seconds. Makes one serving.

About Fig Granules, Date Powder, and Apple Pieces

These dried fruits are great in dry mix beverages such as shakes and smoothies; bakery items including breads, granola bars, and dry mixes; fruit preparations; nutrition bars. Date Powder is a natural alternative to granulated sugar.

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