Mixed Berry Smoothie

Mixed Berry Smoothie

A triple berry smoothie made with simple yet healthy ingredients that offers sweet and tart flavors and finishes with a creamy note from the oat extract.


The Social Media Smoothie Movement

Consumers are going wild for celebrity smoothies. Noted as being expensive and having trendy benefits, many consumers are unable to support this trend daily. However, there are different ways to capture the famous smoothie movement. Los Angeles retailer Erewhon started this trend with celebrity smoothies and consumers are now taking notice that at-home smoothies can also be a part of this aspirational lifestyle with brands providing pre-mixed frozen blends with additional health callouts.

46% of US consumers want to see functional ingredients and claims in smoothies. Millennials being the main target for this trend, one emerging area of focus lies within the beauty space. While just 10% of US consumers currently consume food/drink with beauty enhancing ingredients, this goes up to 18% for Millennials (Mintel).

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