Spicy Moroccan Apricot Sauce

Spicy Moroccan Apricot Sauce

Harissa, a classic North African condiment rife with chili flavor, garlic and varied aromatics combined with FruitSmart peach puree and apricot juice concentrate makes a tasty go-to sauce on barbecue, stews or bread.


149 grams
77.5 grams
Peach Puree:
60 grams
Brown Sugar:
46 grams
Dijon Mustard:
29 grams
Lemon Juice:
1.5 grams
Corn Starch:
1.2 grams
Ground Ginger:
1 gram
1 gram
Crushed Red Pepper:
0.5 gram

Mixing Directions

Whisk all ingredients in a small pan and heat on medium high until thick sauce forms. Remove from heat, stir occasionally until cooled to room temperature.

About Apricot JC and Peach Puree

These ingredients are great in a variety of beverages including smoothies, ciders, juice blends; dairy products such as yogurt, cream cheese, ice cream; frozen desserts; fruit preparations; nutrition, granola, or protein bars; condiments, sauces, etc.

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