Apricots are a stone fruit closely related to peaches and plums. Initially thought to have originated from Armenia, genetic studies proved they are from Central Asia. Fresh apricots can be found year-round: May through August, they mostly come from Washington and California, the rest of the year they are mostly sourced from South America. Apricots have a sweet to tart flavor and a yellow to golden color. A great source of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, beta-carotene, and high in fiber, apricots promote eye health, strengthen bones, and aid in digestion.

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Advantages of Juice Concentrates and Essences

Juice concentrates are at the core of what we do. The fruit is processed into juice, which can be filtered, or left cloudy, and concentrated through evaporation. This gives a stable product, easy to store and to transport. Juice concentrates work extremely well in beverages, hard seltzers, cocktail mixes, kombuchas, and any nutraceutical application. Our essences are collected during the evaporation process. The clear, liquid product is sold in pails or drums. Easy to store, essences intensify flavor and offer a clean label solution to formulators.

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Apricot Essence
Apricot Essence Organic
Apricot Juice Concentrate 65 Brix
Apricot Juice Concentrate 65 Brix Organic

Advantages of Purees

Our fruit purees are made using selected fruit. The minimal process of pureeing, pasteurizing, and freezing gives a final product that retains the natural characteristics of flavor, color, and the health benefits of the given fruit. The only ingredient in our puree is the fruit itself, no additives, no colorants, no flavors; 100% fruit, suitable for any clean label requirements. The purees are ideal for use in jams, toppings, baby food, smoothies, hard ciders, baking, and high quality petfood treats.

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Technical Specification

Apricot Puree
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